VPS Add-ons

Posted by admin on June 4, 2018
Category: Email & Hosting
This article will outline the procedure for purchasing add-ons for your Virtual Private Server (VPS). Please note that this product is longer available; if you’re looking for a virtual data solution for your business, please call us on 1300 378 638 to enquire about iiNet Business Cloud Service. Log in to the Hosting Control Panel and select your VPS subscription from the drop-down menu at the top right. Under the Service Information heading, click on Subscription Resources. Click on Upgrade Resource
This article will show you how to navigate and use the calendar feature in iiNet Webmail. Please note that on a mobile or tablet web browser, you can keep track of events on your calendar, but you won’t see the traditional “calendar” layout as seen on a Desktop PC or Mac. Select one of the links below to jump to a query: Calendar basics for Desktop PC or Mac Adding an event to the calendar Desktop PC
This article will explain one way you can upload data to your Virtual Data Centre. So, you’ve set up your shiny new Virtual Network and you’re just about ready to deploy your application or set up your cloud servers. The only problem now is getting your data up to the cloud. It could take days or weeks running through your ADSL connection to upload a few hundred gigabytes to your network. Fortunately, iiNet have the
This article will show you how to update the password for your iiNet email address in the settings of your email software (clients). If you’ve recently changed your email password in Toolbox, you might find that the email address stops working in your third-party email software. This is because the settings for that email address need to be updated with the new password. If you’ve forgotten your password, please see Retrieving a forgotten password instead. Select one of
This article will provide support resources for the Shopping Cart product. If you can’t view these guides, please Install Adobe Reader.   Shopping Cart User Guides Shopping Cart Shipping by weight and region Shopping Cart Quick Start Guide Shopping Cart Guide 1 – The Back Office Shopping Cart Guide 2 – Design Options Shopping Cart Guide 3 – Product Catalogue Shopping Cart Guide 4 – Payment Method Shopping Cart Guide 5 – Open your Shop Shopping