This article will teach you how to add a modem string for a dialup modem in various versions of Windows. The instructions are all very similar, but the way to get to the Phone and Modem options has changed over the years. You’ll find more information about strings for your specific dialup modem in its user manual, or by searching online. There are certain commands which may be added to modem strings which can be useful for
This article will list the settings required for legacy Adam services such as WiMax, AnyG, AdamTV with Fetch, AdamTalk (VoIP) and Adam Dialup. Select one of the links below to jump to a query: Adam Modem Router & DNS Settings Adam Mail Server Settings Secure Mail Server Settings (Deprecated) AnyG Settings AdamTalk (VoIP) Settings AdamTV with Fetch Settings Newsgroup (Usenet) Settings Adam Dialup Settings Adam FTP Settings Adam NTP Settings Adam Modem Router & DNS