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Why Choose Fibre2air?


Choose between 12 or 24 months contract or go month to month with no lock in!

$10/mth Unlimited Home Calls

You can choose to add a $10/mth Unlimited Home Phone Call Pack and get line Rental plus Unlimited Local, National Calls and discounted International calls to most countries.

Cheaper prices on modems

Our premium quality modems come preconfigured for data and phone. Just plug and play.

Optimised for streaming

We optimise the performance of IPTV streaming services to ensure you get the best possible viewing experience.

Anytime data usage

Unlike many other internet providers we don't split your download allowance between peak and off peak times periods. We give you 100% of your allowance to use whenever you choose to use it.

Speed Options

We have multiple speed options available for types of internet users. Check out our Supersonic speed plan excellent for families and heavy internet users.

Important things you need to know

Yes when nbnTM become available at the service address during the term of the contract, Fibre2air will provide the customer the opportunity to upgrade to an nbnTM based service without any break contract fees.

If your current broadband provider is utilizing the same broadband infrastructure as Fibre2air, we may transfer your service over usually in less than 3 working days.

Otherwise, connection can take up to 14 to 20 working days. 

To find out more, please contact our Customer Care Team on 1300 234 273.

Switching to a different provider, such as Fibre2air, is legally the same as if you had called your old ISP and cancelled with them - any remaining contract service fees, contract break fees or other charges you may currently owe your previous provider remain fully payable, and you are responsible for these.

Therefore before switching services to Fibre2air, make sure your contract with your previous provider has expired, or be ready to fulfil your contractual terms (including paying termination fees).

Provided your current provider is using the same infrastructure like Fibre2air, you will continue to receive your existing services from your current internet provider until the ĹCUTOVER' date, which we will advise to you by email. On that day, you will receive a only minor disruption in internet connection will be out of action only as long as it takes for a technician to unplug a cable from one box and plug it into another.

However if your current provider is not using the same infrastructure like Fibre2air, you may have to disconnect your existing broadband service first before applying for Fibre2air ADSL2+.

Fibre2air can try to assist you to minimise the disruption by installing a new ADSL2+ service on a separate line while you keeping your existing service active. You must make sure that you have another pre-installed, working telephone wall socket within your premises to allow our technician to complete the service installation.

If you are unsure about this, please contact our Customer Service Centre

You need to call us as soon as you know the details of the relocation. Note that we require a minimum of five working days notice to relocate an ADSL service. Only the primary account holder can arrange a relocation.

Yes, or can purchase a router from us for an additional cost. This router is multi-platform, meaning it can be used for ADSL, NBNTM or Fixed Wireless and comes pre-configured.

  1. If there’s no existing phone line at your address, a phone line installation must be arranged. This requires a technician to visit your premises, and someone at least 18 years old must be present. You’ll be contacted to confirm your installation appointment.
  2. A service qualification test will be performed on your phone line.
  3. If your line is compatible, we'll submit an application to our wholesaler requesting that they connect you to a port at your local exchange so your phone line may be used for broadband.
  4. Our wholesaler will confirm the service qualification results, and after 3-5 working days your telephone line will be physically connected to a port at the exchange (this does not require a technician to visit your premises).
  5. Once this is done, your broadband service will be activated! You’ll need to set up an ADSL2+ modem to get online.
When we are supplied with a connection date by our wholesaler, we will dispatch any hardware that you've ordered to your nominated delivery address. Hardware orders generally take between 3-5 working days to arrive, but we try to ensure that the hardware gets to you before or on the date of broadband activation.
No worries. You can still get an ADSL service or ADSL with Home Phone bundle with Fibre2air subject to service qualifications. If you bring your phone line rental to Fibre2air, you will save heaps on your line rental cost and get some of the cheapest call rates in the industry.

For our residential plans both uploads and downloads count towards your monthly data allowance.

There are no excess usage charges on our ADSL2+ but your speed will be slowed to 256K/256K when your data limit is reached.

You may purchase additional data in the form of a data pack for an additional fee if required, by accessing My Account, or speaking with our team on 1300 234 273

Traditional ADSL services have generally only been able to provide a maximum connection speed of around 8000k / 386k. With an ADSL2+ service, users can achieve up to 20,000k or 20 Mbit connection speeds, which is up to 3 times faster than the speeds currently available.

If you wish to leave Fibre2air, please contact our Customer Service Team on 1300234 273 to arrange cancellation.

Please note that if your service is still within its contract term, a cancellation fee applies.

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