Roaming Rates

Simply enter a destination country to find out roaming rates for yourFibre2air mobile plan. Add more destinations by entering another country.

All rates listed in $AUD. Voice & Video Calls rates are shown per minute and charged with an initial increment of 60 seconds and per 30 seconds thereafter.
GST does not apply to roaming charges (with the exception of the standard SMS, MMS, international SMS and international MMS rates).


Important things you need to know

International Roaming with Fibre2air lets you make and receive mobile phone calls, text messages, MMS messages and access the internet while you are travelling overseas.
Please note that international roaming is activated by default with Fibre2air – to switch off international roaming please contact us on 1300 234 273 or Login to My Account.
These rates apply to mobile calls and data usage on your Fibre2air Mobile service while travelling outside Australia.
  • Roaming usage is excluded from your plan's included value.
  • Roaming applies to both making and receiving calls while overseas.
  • To avoid unnecessary roaming charges, remember to switch off your phone's roaming feature when not in use.
You can use your mobile services onboard maritime vessels while the ship is at sea. When you make a call, send an SMS or use data services you will be charged the Roaming rate for the zone of Maritime (Other [Sat, Aero & Marine]). Once the ship reaches port, you can connect to the local network at which point you will be charged the Roaming rate for the country you are in. To find which cruise can you use your mobile, you may access;; and
To access your Voicemail overseas, call +61 411 000 321. Standard charges apply.

Rates may change fairly frequently due to international exchange rates and what we are charged by overseas providers. We'll try to keep you informed of current rates on our website. Fibre2air makes no guarantee regarding the quality and availability of coverage or any roaming services. Voice rates shown are charged in per minute increments.

Roaming data is charged in 10kB increments. MMS (excluding data) will be charged as per your plan.